Rusty pipeIn the fall of 1999 I studied under Kitty Hubbard, a young and talented photographer who, at the time, was completing her masters.

This was my first Photography class at the University of Rochester. Along with the assignments I had plenty of opportunity to create a number of miscellaneous images.

The first assignment was to use text within our images. The following is a very simple, and obvious, play on words.

[image title=”Beet 1″ size=”100×100″ id=”390″ align=”none” ] [image title=”Beet 2″ size=”100×100″ id=”391″ align=”none” l] [image title=”Beet 3″ size=”100×100″ id=”392″ align=”none” ] [image title=”Beet 4″ size=”100×100″ id=”393″ align=”none” ]

For the last assignment I chose to borrow a concept from Edward Gorey’s “The Gashlycrumb Tinies.”

[image title=”‘C’ is for Calvin, who was curious with a cannon.” size=”100×100″ id=”379″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”D is for Dan, who drank too much vodka.” size=”100×100″ id=”380″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”‘H’ is for Harry, who handled hand grenades.” size=”100×100″ id=”381″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”‘J’ is for Jay, who was jolted by a toaster.” size=”100×100″ id=”382″ align=”none” ] [image title=”‘M’ is for Max, who was mangled by a maul.” size=”100×100″ id=”383″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”‘N’ is for Noah, who was nailed in the noggin.” size=”100×100″ id=”384″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”‘O’ is for Olive, who overlooked the oven.” size=”100×100″ id=”385″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”‘S’ is for Sara, who was smothered in her sleep. ” size=”100×100″ id=”386″ align=”none” ] [image title=”‘T’ is for Tom, who was trampled by a train. ” size=”100×100″ id=”387″ align=”none” ] [image title=”‘X’ is for Xavier, who died of xenophobia. ” size=”100×100″ id=”388″ align=”none” ]

The rest of the gallery is made up of miscellaneous images.

[image title=”bluff” size=”100×100″ id=”355″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”Rusty pipe” size=”100×100″ id=”57″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”bridge” size=”100×100″ id=”356″ align=”none”] [image title=”broken stone” size=”100×100″ id=”357″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”cityfall” size=”100×100″ id=”358″ align=”none” ] [image title=”cliffleft” size=”100×100″ id=”360″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”cliffcent” size=”100×100″ id=”359″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”cliffright” size=”100×100″ id=”361″ align=”none” ] [image title=”construction” size=”100×100″ id=”362″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”fireesc” size=”100×100″ id=”363″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”garage” size=”100×100″ id=”364″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”house” size=”100×100″ id=”365″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”med” size=”100×100″ id=”366″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”mirror” size=”100×100″ id=”367″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”smoke” size=”100×100″ id=”369″ align=”none” ] [image title=”stop” size=”100×100″ id=”370″ align=”none” ] [image title=”stream” size=”100×100″ id=”371″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”trees” size=”100×100″ id=”372″ align=”none” ] [image title=”twotomb” size=”100×100″ id=”373″ align=”none”  ] [image title=”waterfall” size=”100×100″ id=”374″ align=”none” ]