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About, like most personal blogs, is a place where I get to tell the world a little about myself, discuss things that interest me, and display some of my artwork. The pages here are filled with simple prattle that I hope others will find useful, informative, and maybe even mildly entertaining.

This website originally started as a place for me to display my personal photography. As the Internet and available web technologies grew, this site changed from being a simple image depository to a cache of thoughts, events, photographs, videos, and discussions on a wide variety of topics, including the web, social media, and technology.

About Jonathan Eggers

Jonathan Eggers  is a photographer at heart, loving film’s unique ability to capture the beauty and reality of a moment in time. With a tendency towards straight photography, Jonathan documents on film the natural and honest beauty of the scene around him.

Jonathan loves keeping up with political, economic, Internet, social media, and technology news, spending time with the love of his life, family, and friends, watching and discussing movies, and reading.

Currently, Jonathan is living in the St. Louis area, while working remotely for a Boston company where he is a Managing Consultant, providing IT strategy.

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